Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's Go To The Radio

That isn't a typo in the title. Eli keeps talking about the radio and the bucking broncos. For the 4th we went to the Oakley Rodeo. It was SO much fun. We got to see a crazy rodeo and some sweet fireworks. Eli got spoiled by Grandpa Brough.

Below you can see the cotton candy Eli finagled out of Grandpa and later he got a snow cone and a turn at the fish pond and the cowboy hat in the picture below. You can see the proof of Eli working his powers on a rodeo queen. He is a "chick magnet" as he tells me continuously. I'm sure the medal from his race helped him score the ladies too.

Eli got a glow stick necklace from the fish pond and he thought that it looked like he had braces if he wore it like this. The cute little boy below is Charlie, Eli's cousin. Isn't he cute!

Since Stewart wasn't there to dance with the girls Eli had to step up and take his place! :) We missed you Stewart.


Valerie S said...

When Eli came up to me with that glow stick in his mouth and said "Look, I'm wearing braces" I almost died laughing. And it did look like someone with one of those head gear things that people wear wtih braces.

I thought Eli didn't like cotton candy? Last year he wouldn't eat any at the Chevron party because it was "spider webs". What a difference a year makes I guess.

Scar Belly said...

Looks like fun!

Scott and Michelle said...

You'll have to let us know where you will be moving to in Kentucky and where. Kentucky is just a short distance away from us. We'd love to see you guys some time.
Congratuations on not managing apartments anymore. I know exactly how you feel. I was never so happy to move in all my life.
I love your blog and all the things you post on it!

kristi and family said...

becca... your little guy is hilarious.... like YOU....