Sunday, September 2, 2007


On Saturday we went on a hike. Who has ever been to Mt. Olympus? It's kinda steep. Well our son wouldn't let us carry him or let up be in the front because he HAS to be the engine. So here is what happened: he would run so that we couldn't get in front of him, then he would get tired so he'd need a rest every 5 minutes. Stewart and I would tell him that we needed to keep going and ask if he wanted a piggy back ride. He would then run so that we didn't get ahead of him. It was a vicious cycle.

At one point he didn't feel that the hike was hard enough so he started to do some "exercises"

These are the exercises. They consisted of him bending up and down and saying "ew ee ew ah" over and over.

Well after about 1/2 a mile that took an hour Eli consented to being carried ONLY because we told him that he could see the squirrels better from up there.

I have to say that there is nothing better than seeing your little boy on his dad's shoulders. (I'm sure this is the same feeling if it's a daughter.) So we hiked .73 miles and then were done and Eli rode the pack horse all the way down.

Eli took a 3 hour nap that afternoon. Proof that running up hills is hard work!


Scar Belly said...

Eli = 33 lbs of dead weight that occasionally tugs at my ears.