Monday, September 24, 2007

On the Contrary

So Eli is in this little (annoying) stage where he contradicts whatever you say. For example:
Me: "Eli you don't have to lay down to put on your pants."
Eli: "Yes I can, if I want to."
M: "I know you can but you don't have to."
E: "Yes I can, if I want to"

Eli has 2 sets of glasses. He likes the "moon" ones but not so much the "star" ones. I wanted to see if he really would choose the opposite of what I said.

M: "What glasses do you want to wear? Your moon ones?"
E: (pause) "I want my star ones."

He NEVER wears his star ones!

Tonight at my moms house the following happened 3 times:

E: "mom?"
M: "what?"
E: "oh, I was just talking to grandma."

And when he asked for help to make a train track and I said I would help him in just a sec, he said "I just want grandma to help me."

He's not all bad though (well really he's not any bad, he's just 4). When we were leaving for my parents I told him to get some pajama's and he got really excited and said "ok but 1st let me give you a hug and a kiss."

So far I'm not really sure about this 4 year old age. Maybe it will get better soon?!