Saturday, September 22, 2007

Too smart for his own good

Eli wanted to go outside yesterday but I was working so I told him that he couldn't until I could watch him. He tried to open the door but the top was latched so he said "if you won't let me go outside I'll go get my stool." (He like to give little threats like this.)

He came back with his stool and since that wasn't tall enough he put all the old newspapers on top of the stool. That helped a little, but wasn't quite enough.

Next he put the stool on this box and that worked well and he was able to undo the latch.

I did let him go play outside after this because I was so impressed with his problem solving skills and cleverness.


Valerie S said...

Becca, Becca, Becca.


The Haights said...

No... he's too smart for your own good.

Dani Carby said...

Oh my goodness! I have a lot to look forward to! HAHA! Everyday we have to make up a new contraption to block the stairs so Caden can't go up. I think we're on our 10th idea. There's a railing on one side of our stairs and a wall on the other so I haven't been able to find a gate at the store that will work. SO... our current contraption is half of the bottom of a toddler bed, wrapped in siran wrap (Caden would climb through the slats), with a 20 lb bag of rice in front of it so he couldn't pull on the bed frame to get to the stairs. And of course our ingenrious idea has failed today. Caden figured out how to climb over the rice bag and squeeze inbetween the wall and the bed frame peice. *sigh* You're Eli is so CUTE!

Alicia said...

Hilarious! He is too funny and so smart. Just like his mom "beating the system" back in the day.