Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Weekend

Well my weekend has been pretty uneventful. Friday night I had some fun with Eli and made him into a care bear. I know I'm a bad example. He is silly heart bear and that is supposed to be a clown nose and clown hair.

Stewart went rabbit hunting Saturday morning and Eli and I went to the zoo. Then Stewart and I had a date night. Sorry I don't have any funny stories. Oh wait I do have some good news! I won a cruise. To ensenada or the bahamas. Cool huh!


Mickael said...

what a cool mom you are!

jeri said...

Are you kidding? Winning a cruise is not an afterthought, my friend. It's a WAHOOO, I won a cruise!!!! post-title. When are you going? Will I fit in your luggage?