Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The curse

So you know how parents will curse their children to have children just like themselves. (umm did that sentence make sense?) For instance a very naughty child could one day hear his mother say "I hope that you have a son that behaves just like you!" and the kid will think, "that would be so cool. I would be the best parent. We'd have fun all the time!"

Well it doesn't work like that! Eli has discovered a great love...and that love is...SCISSORS! (That sound you hear is my mom praising the Lord for listening to her prayers.) I MAY have liked to use the scissors occasionally. On my dolls, my stuffed animals, my bangs, Katrina Robinson's hair, one of my pigtails, and probably Jill's hair. (I can't remember for sure on that one though.)
Eli was having fun with scissors tonight, (I know! Someone should totally watch that kid!) He has cut up things before and luckily nothing important...except a 2.00 off coupon...but when I stopped him tonight, and he was about to cut the couch along with the paper, I suddenly realized that this was not the end! This was the beginning of the curse!

Eli is so sweet that I have been thinking that I deserved him. When my mom wished for me to have a child like myself, I thought she meant that I was so sweet and she hoped that I would someday experience that sweet of a child. NOW I realize that she meant it in a bad way!

So now what do I do? Do I pass this curse down to future generations? Will Eli be cursed with children that like to cut up other peoples coupons...or hair? I am going to think about this long and hard before I make this sort of decision. It could change the world...but if he cuts my couch he is DOOMED.


Alicia said...

Becca, you've been busy blogging... you blog nerd! haha
These pics and your posts are so cute. What a cute family! Those pictures of Eli on Stewert's shoulders is really sweet. And "good luck" with the scissors. Hilarious. What goes around comes around, I guess. I suppose my kids will be condemned to buying lots of lip gloss and purses. (Yes, I even loved them when I was wee, and have the pictures to prove it.)
See you soon!

jeri said...

Oh, I dread the day that Djo discovers scissors. Especially the sharp, scrapbooking kind that we keep around the house. Right now they are in the highest shelf in the house but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

Valerie S said...

Hee, hee, hee. Now you know how I felt. But I have to admit I do feel bad that I freaked out so bad when you cut your pigtails off and that it took me years to get over it. You just don't know how tramatic it was to see all that blonde hair on the floor! I hope you are more patient than me!

Love ya lots,