Thursday, September 20, 2007

Great deals

Wow I got some more good deals! If you buy 5 Post frosted shredded wheat cereal at Albertsons you can get a gallon of milk for free. (Watch for the coupon by the cereal or they might have them up front at the cashiers station.) So I got:
5 cereals
1 gallon of milk
10 quaker items (buy 10 for 10$ I had coupons or this stuff)
2- 3 oz tuna packs (for .09)
for 12.24
Then I got 2-3 dollar coupons. So really it's like I spent 6.24

Then I went back and got 10 more quaker items and the total was 4.46 but I used one of my 3 dollar off coupons so I spent 1.49.

with coupons some of the stuff was free. I thought that I got such a great deal on the tuna but if you have the coupon you could get it for free at Smiths! And here I am paying .09 cents for it! Hello what a sucker I am. I know it's only .18 cents but it's the idea behind it! Bargain shoppers will know what I mean.

Anyway if you want to get the really great deal buy 5 shredded wheat cereals, a gallon of milk and you will pay about 7.00 then you will get 6 dollars back in coupons to use next time you go to Albertsons. (the coupons are just like cash) That basically makes it 1 dollar and some cents for 5 cereals and milk.


Mickael said...

Thanks for sharing your deals with me or Stacy's deals with me. I am stocked up on soup for the next year and 1/2.

The Haights said...

Okay... more sales are coming!!