Friday, September 14, 2007


Yes this post will be dedicated to yogurt. Today I went shopping and bought 30 Yoplait yogurts for 3.37. Yes, you read that right, 3 dollars and 37 cents! That averages out to be about 11 cents per yogurt.

Last week I bought spaghetti o's for 7 cents and Cambells tomato soup and chicken noodle soup for 17 cents and Cambells chunky soup for like 43 cents! I bought 45 items and they averaged out to be .37 cents for each item. Isn't that amazing. Getting good deals is a major rush so I had to come home and blog about it. Plus now we have some good food storage.

The secret to good deals is coupons and my sister tells me all the good deals (and supplies me with coupons ) then I call her 5 times before I actually go and do them because I'm always afraid that it won't work.

I seriously DARE a disaster to happen. We will be home laughing and laughing and stuffing our faces with yogurt before it goes bad.


Angie Monson said...

you are halarious!

jeri said...

So you should post your coupons and the stores you went to. Then we will love you even more.

" ......yogurt...."

jeri said...

Joe likes to put his yogurts in the freezer and eat them like that.