Monday, September 10, 2007

The First REAL Day of Preschool

Today was Eli's first real day of preschool He got to wear his new clothes and take his cool new backpack and he was pretty excited. I wasn't really excited though! I didn't sleep all night and I am a little emotional today. I am the kind of mom (well maybe all moms are like this) that doesn't really like these milestones. I miss Eli when he's not around and even though I like that he's growing up I wish that he could stay a little boy forever. If I could make myself invisible I'd follow him around everywhere then I wouldn't mind him growing up so much.

He did look really cute walking to school.

When he saw that backpack he said "I don't need a suitcase, huh mom?" that means "I really want that but I think you are going to say no." I showed him how you can wheel it or put it on your back like a backpack and he loved it!

Man this is making me miss him! I can get him in 40 minutes :)


Valerie S said...

Oh, those pictures are so cute! It makes me want to cry to see him walking away! Kiss him for me when he gets home today. Love, Mom & Grandma

jeri said...

Maybe it's because Darcy has entered a Little Miss Attitude phase, but I'm really grateful to see her head off to preschool two days a week. Because I know she's really good with her teacher and doesn't act like a grumpy tantrum kid there, I'm hoping that she'll practice being good and try it at home. There. How's that for a Bad Mom confession?

The Haights said...

It makes me feel like crying watching him go too!