Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The amazing pee-pee

Sorry mom, but I have to tell this story! So I was in the living room and I hear Eli from the bathroom say "oh no! I had a little accident! My pee went on that thing." So I went in there thinking he had probably peed on his pants a little or something but no it was on the edge of the counter.

When you are sitting on the potty you face the sink and you are pretty close to it. The tub is immediately to the right of you and the pee was on the corner of the counter close to the tub. So I went to get the disinfecting wipes and Eli was feeling really sad about it. I was really shocked because he had been sitting down and I just am not sure how the pee could have gotten go high.

So I came back with the wipes and started to clean it up and noticed that there was pee clear up by the handles on the sink! So not only did the pee-pee get height it also got distance!

THAT is some amazing pee-pee.


Alicia said...

Hey, I'm home now... you and val are probaly singing along with Queen Latifa right about now. Hope you guys liked it. I had a great time tonight. Can't wait til next month!

jeri said...

I am SO not looking forward to potty-training a boy. Although, in all fairness, Darcy did go through a phase where she liked to aim out of the toilet. Fortunately she's over it.

Valerie S said...

Honey, with boys pee will always end up in weird places. It just goes with the territory. But don't tell any more pee stories:)