Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor day

I know this is late but I just got the pictures! (none of me because I look like a cow.) We had a great labor day. We went over to the Broughs to break in the new fire pit...well not so much a pit but an area where you could have a fire if you had something to put the fire in. We made smores over charcoal. Hey a smore's a smore!

Baby Charlie isn't in these pictures because he was banished to the house by Eli. Eli doesn't like the sound of babies crying so he told Laurie to take Charlie into the house because he didn't like that sound. Charlie did go take a nap but not because Eli said.

I have really awesome in-laws. Stewart and I got lucky because we both like each others side of the family (we like our own sides too!). My dad takes Stewart hunting and Stewart's mom takes me shopping! Really it's perfect!