Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Pirate Party

Today Eli had his 4 year old birthday party. His actual birthday is tomorrow but he got to take treats to preschool for snack time and have his birthday party for friends. Eli is WAY into pirates (no I don't let him watch "pirates of the Caribbean" It's from the Backyardigans.) right now so he wanted a pirate party. He really wanted a pirate ship cake that he saw at Albertsons but since I didn't think that i wanted to spend $40 on a cake so I made my own.

It wasn't as cute as the Albertsons one but I was happy with it. Eli invited 9 little friends over and we played the favorite pirate game of duck, duck, goose and pin the pirate on the treasure. Eli opened presents and the kids "had" cake. I say it that way because I planned on that taking up at least 10 minutes and it didn't. They didn't even hardly eat it. Then the kids went on a treasure hunt and found a treasure box that had some hooks and swords and other pirate booty in it.

It was really fun but I'm SO glad it was only an hour! Here is a picture of all the scurvy little pirates.

From L-R Brooklyn, Andie, Eli, Anna, Abe, Jacob, Betsy, Emma, Asea. Avery was there but wasn't having any of this!


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!
That is a wonderful pirate ship cake. That looked like a fun party. I need to start thinking of Kaylee's birthday.

Valerie S said...

Happy Birthday today Eli! Grandma and Grandpa have a present for you! I think you will like it! See you tonight sweetie.

Becca: The cake turned out DARLING! You did a great job as usual. Looks like the party was a success

Valerie S said...

You need to list the names of the kids in the pictures. I want to know who they are. :)

Jill said...

Oh what a fun birthday! Your cake turned out awesome!! Happy Birthday little Eli! Arrrrgh!

jeri said...

That is the cutest cake! Happy Birthday Eli!!! You are a lucky boy to have such an awesome Mom.

Alicia said...

Becca-- this is so cute! Good job you are such a great mom!

georganne said...

Not as cute as the one at Albertson's? Was it made of gold? Way to go! (on both making a cake AND hosting a party.)